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About us


Same age, both from Bavaria in Germany, based on our favourite Island of Greece -Santorini. In love with the sun, the sea and the life we are two authentic, creative and positive girls and we want to share this with you and plan the most beautiful day of your life

Your wedding in Greece.

Who we are

Two girls with one dream – having their own company. After having experiences in different kind of wedding buisiness-we came 2021 together and founded our company.

It is not only a job – it is our happy place and our destination. The moment we met-we knew it and the story of Pia&Pia began. Since this day there was no wedding we did not plan together. Because working together makes our job even more special for us – together we just have the right mixure of creativity, thoughts and mind in order to create something unique, authentic and personalized for our couples.


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